Benefit to owning a receiver??


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Nov 27, 2004
OK, I just dealt with one of Dish's high speed CSRs. My statement arrived today reflecting three leased receiver fees. I only lease 2 receivers (622 and 942) and I own the 3rd, a 211. I call Dish to get it straightened out and after significant confusion on their end as they worked to verify that I actually own the 211, they finally determine that is in fact the case.

Then I'm told that the erroneous $6 "leased receiver fee" will be re-labeled next month as a $6 "HD programming access fee", thus "correcting" the discrepancy.

Remind me again what possible benefit there is to owning a receiver vs. just leasing when it's going to cost $6 a month one way or the other? I subscribe to Dish Platinum, btw.

I'm sure this has been discussed plenty of times, sorry if it's long since been hashed out, just venting at this point.
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Jun 8, 2006
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I didn't think there was a $6(+/-) HD fee unless you had a HD receiver and did not subscribe to HD service.

There is a DVR Service Fee, which I think is waived if you have one of the packages, which I believe is the Platinum.

As for as your question. There's advantages and disadvantages to both.

You see how much trouble you had to getting your bill correct, so now image 6 months ahead, and it really is correct. Now vision you want to pack up and hide out in the Rocky Mountains. If it's your equipment, pack it with some solar cells and go. Or leave it and the solar cells for when you return, but call Dish to cancel your subscription without a penalty (unless you had some other agreement).


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Nov 25, 2003
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IF you have three receivers and you own all of them , and you sub to Platinum pack , and you have them hooked up to the phone line, you should only be charged for the price of the pack + the additional receiver fees. For example :

Platinum pack w locals $ 104.99 main 622 dvr
additional receiver fee $6.00 extra 942 dvr
additional receiver fee $6.00 extra 211 rec.
$ 116.99 total before taxes

I have two 622 receivers that I own and I have platinum pack , and I only pay
$ 110.99 a month total. The 6.00 enabeling fee is only charged if you don't have a metalic pack or if you want just your ota digital locals. A 6.00 additional receiver fee is charged per receiver if you have more than one hd receiver .

IF you lease the receivers then they charge $6.00 lease fee on each leased receiver except the main one I think . THat last one I am not as sure any more because they keep changing the plans. But I would think they would charge you for each leased receiver and your owned one would not be charged.

You would have to talk to someone in the tech department to be sure they tell you the right thing. I find the tech csrs are much better informed then the regular csrs. I almost always go through them for ANYTHING I need. I rarely go through a regular csrs as they are least informed and often make it up as they go.

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