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Oct 24, 2011
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Hi all

Which TV do you think has the best built in tuner?
I am currently running my rooftop antenna (CM) through a Tivo Bolt.
But The Tivo seems to drop channels and sometimes comes and goes..
I'd like to bypass the Tivo and go thru a stand alone OTA DVR...

Thanks a bunch

I figured out that the CM Pre Amp on the antenna must be at fault. Because when I bypass the rooftop antenna and hooked up an interior HD panel antenna, all my local channels returned.
I am considering getting the GE 33685 Pro Outdoor Antenna. Any thoughts on that ?


We need to see some details or your local TV stations to make a thoughtful recommendation.

TVFool is one such source and you can post a link to the results.

The best TV tuner in the world isn't going to fix your TiVo.
The Tivo Bolt is a standalone OTA DVR. ;)

Bolt has a weak tuner compared to the previous Tivo Roamio
Looking at the posts on TIVO community, I think the issue may be reliability, not sensitivity. Multiple posters have mentioned significant loss of sensitivity that suddenly occurs at the 1 year mark. Makes mme very happy with my Roamios.
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