Best ku band lnb on the market and expected signal improvement?


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Jun 14, 2019
I was wondering what do you guys consider the very best ku band lnb on the market? I currently have a geosat sLpLL and locked in as good as I can get on my 90cm and am ready to try out lnbs to get every ounce of juice I can get. Considering I have a good lnb already with the best lnb you can recommend how much more signal quality do you think I can get upgrading lnbs?


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Nov 30, 2011
Ok, I'll bite. You already have the best.

Upgrade your dish to a larger size. Go to a 1.2m dish minimum. Far better spending that bit more money, than trying lnbf after lnbf looking for a "Holy Grail". You just can't "pump up" a signal level, OR signal quality that's NOT THERE in the first place...

The GeoSat PLL LNB's are the best on the market.

I also like the Avenger LNB's; I have a couple of the dual models. Sensitivity is close to the same as the GeoSat models.

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Oct 12, 2010
1st lets define something. The GeoSat SLPLL is an LNBF (LNB with built in feed horn). To increase performance we want to match the Feedhorn to the dish. Using a dish with matching feed we can then select a high quality LNB to use and expect maximum performance for the size of dish. For example: My Ku dish is a 1.2m Channel Master with the correct feed horn and an Inverto Black Pro LNB
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Jun 4, 2007
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My 1.8 Prodelin is the best Ku dish :biggrin2

BUT its huge and impractical for what I'm doing right now so its going to stay in the corner in the backyard til I can get me some land.
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Jun 14, 2019
So would my geosat lnb be better used with a geosatpro dish? This dish I bought from electorica, was supposed to be a 39" but ended up being a warped 34.5 x 37.5 so I just round up and call her a 90cm when she may in fact be more like a 87cm if there were such a thing, anyhow I dont even know the brand of this dish but even though it is small it gets the job done. I hear about titanium lnbs, the lnb that is supposed to come with this dish is a .1 db lnb but the sob didnt even send me one. I will never buy from them again. Took 3.5 weeks to get it and then I find out the other day it was warped. Oh how much I would have loved to get a 39 like I paid for. I will eventually get a 1.2 meter, I just wish I knew how my sg6100 motor would work with one that big. It pushes my 90cm like its not even there, no noise, and it advertised up to 1.4 on the box! Lol. Maybe some of you have or known someone who used a sg6100 "monster motor" on a 1.2 meter dish.


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Dec 24, 2016
I have a bunch of different LNBs and LNBFs

With the exception of some older noisy models that might be slightly defective and have badly off-key DROs, I would say that there are only minor differences in reception quality.

Among those good LNBFs, I have a GeoSatPro UL1PLL, a GeoSatPro SL4-PLL, a Maverick MK-1 PLL (not sure I got that model name right), a couple Inverto Black Ultra, and a few Inverto Black Premium

The Inverto LNBF are giving me a very slightly better signal quality than the UL1-PLL. Maybe 2 % increase in quality on the Amiko miniHDre.

This said, I believe they are DRO LNBFs, so there might be some trade-off on very narrow signals, where the PLL would be more stable.

The main problem with the Inverto LNBFs is that they don't appear to have a distributor in North America. I see some on ebay but at grossly inflated prices or prohibitive shipping costs. (I took advantage of a family visit to Europe to get a few of them)

Of course the best LNB is a larger dish...

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