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Jul 5, 2008
I currently have a 311 running a separate SD TV in the bathroom. Wife watches this while putting her face on in the mornings.
I have a 625 with DVR in our main TV room running a SD TV.
I have a 811 hooked to our HD Basement TV that gets used for video games 95% of the time and only 5% useage as a TV.
The family just won't go downstairs! My son loves the fact he gets his own private video setup in HD!

I just got a letter from Dish in the mail telling me to get my "free" HD upgraded receiver. In looking at my overall situation, what should I do? I cannot move the HD from downstairs to the upstairs. IF I don't care about HD at present, what would you do? At some point, we probably will have a HD in our upstairs TV room.



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Oct 19, 2004
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If you do not upgrade your 811 to a ViP211 you will have no HD via satellite come August.

The 211 install should be just a connect up inside. What dish(es) do you have on the roof?

To get the full spectrum of HD available you will need either a 1000.2 or your current Dish500 plus a side dish looking at 61.5.

Be aware that this may also change the Dish HD package that you are subscribed to (if you are on the legacy HD package - $10/month), and thusly increase your monthly bill.

I might take the "free" upgrade, with the stipulation that my monthly bill does not change, because later you might have to pony up $50-100 or so to move to a ViP receiver.

Another thing - the ViP receiver will be leased, not owned, but lease fee on first HD receiver shoulf be waived with proper programming package.


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Jul 5, 2008
My roof dish has 1000 with 3 LNB's pointing at it.

So there's no point in upgrading my 625? Will I still need 3 receivers?

How would I get the "proper HD package?"

Also, is there any true value in the HPP? IS it worth $6/month?

Thanks, Gebo

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