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Oct 8, 2003
Hi all,
I was waiting for the 921, until the 811 deal was too good to pass up. I should receive it this week assuming the foot or so of snow doesn't delay it inordinately. To those of you who run a PVR in conjunction with the 811 (or the 6000 before it), do you find that you use the PVR more as your primary, or the HD receiver? I am torn between the convenience of the PVR functions and the improved PQ (assumedly) of the 811 and it's DVI connection and upconversion.
Is it worth consideration to run the output of the PVR through the 811 *gasp* composite input? Will the 811 upconvert the composite input to it's DVI output? Although I don't know about the WAF of this setup. I would question the user friendliness of running it this way. Anyone with any experience with this setup hav any input?


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