Beware changing programming today on dish website

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Jul 13, 2004
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I went to add something today. Instead of the website doing that, it dropped all my premiums and locals. Everything was gone except my AT 250. It screwed me out the 2 months I had left of the 5.00 HBO Cinemax package plus half price Showtime and Sports pack 6 months specials.

I called in and pushed the cancel Dish service button so I could reach an American call center. I wasn't able to get the HBO back, but did get 15.00 credit for 2 months to get free HBO for 2 months. I got the 5.00 Showtime back, plus I was given free multi-sport until Jan.3. They wanted to give me 20.00 of for 24 months, but that required a 24 month contract, so I rejected that. That's too long a contract unless I was getting a boatload of new equipment.
I had something similar happen. I called to add Latino Bonus Pack to my Flex Pack account. After that, I checked the website to make sure everything was correct. Somehow, the locals had been added to my account, so I dropped them, making sure every step of the process that I would not lose any of my credits. Everything looked correct on the website. However, when the bill was issued, I did not get the $5 Univision credit that is supposed to come with Latino Bonus Pack. This is in spite of the fact that the message on the bill specifically says that the bill reflects the $5 credit for Univision (that transaction is nowhere to be seen on the actual bill, and Latino Bonus Pack is listed at the full price $10) and under My Programming on the website, it still shows the $5 Univision credit and a total that is $5 less than the amount I was billed. I called to complain, and I got Dish to give me a one-time credit of $5. Now, I'll have to watch my next bill like a hawk to see if the automatic $5 credit, that is supposed to be applied each month during the Univision dispute, ever actually shows up.
I just added locals and regional action pack today, plan to remove them this evening. I'll keep an eye out.
Wasn't September 1 the day HBO cancelled all the reduced price subs on Dish (contract ended).

Maybe I'm wrong.

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