bird dog version 4, sattellite 101 is not picking up as strongly as it is on the tv (1 Viewer)

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Aug 10, 2011
For some reason my 101 wont pick up as high as it would on the tv, we put a dish on a pole then tuned it in with a buddy of mine bird dog (version 1) and got 95 on both 101 and 119, so I hooked my bird dog up to see what it would say (same kaku and jumper, the only thing we switched was the bird dogs) and my 119 would come in around 94-96 but my 101 would say 85, why would this be? and I even checked to see the signal meter on the tv and they were both 95, could something be wrong with my bird dog, do I need to reset it, redownload the satellite, what could be the problem? Or is this question suppose to be asked in a different forum?


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Jun 18, 2011
Bird dogs are tricky, battery strength has a lot do with it. I could hook up mine and peak in a dish then have somebody else hook theirs up and they'd show totally different numbers. I believe it's just the bird dog itself. Retire it and get an AIM meter :)
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