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Dec 17, 2005
Here is an idea and Im sure some people have already thought of this.I know this would never happen.Ok DISH and BLockbuster just came out with the movie pass.I know some people are still having trouble with it right now too.Lets just say if DISH & BLOCKBUSTER wanted to put other competitors on their heels this idea would be devastating.

BLOCKBUSTER PREMIERE MOVIE PASS...19.95 a month. Get access to all PPV movies.1: NO WAITING ON DISCS TO RETURN. 2 instant watch availiabilty.
See current hits like THOR,FAST FIVE,ZOOKEEPER and more in SD OR HD. option 1: When you go to order a movie as usual you will have 2 options on the screen.If you are a BBPMP subscriber you simply put in your acct/password info.The other would be for non BBPMP to simply order the movie.This of course wouldnt work because they (DISH) would have to have a new program and not all receivers would probably work with it.Option 2 ..The most simplest.Have 5 or so channels that would show up only on the BBPMP receiver.This is only an idea..I would love for something like this to happen.Wouldnt you??:)


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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
Why do you suppose they would offer unlimited movies for $9.95 a month? The regular movie suites are half again that much and there's nothing particularly current there.

They charge $20 for the three-out DVD service and that only nets you maybe one or two hot titles a week. You have to figure that they pay a 50 cents or so for each movie you watch so it wouldn't take more than a couple weeks to make it a losing proposition. No company is going to lose huge money on something like that (except for DIRECTV with NFLST) to attract a few extra customers.

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