Blue Lines in Video on 921


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Sep 7, 2003
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As Mark from DBSTalk posted the other day, some people are reporting blue lines in their video on their 921's.

I have just received a note from Echostar about this problem and request that if you are having this problem to please email ASAP!

Please only email this address if you are having this problem.

Please include your name and contact information in your email. Someone from Dish will most likely be contacting you about this situation.
markdl said:
Yup, that's what I've been told.
Sounds like they Know what the problem is and its HARDWARE.

Damn, even fewer 921's will be available for those of us who haven't gotten ours yet.

Since they are taking the 921's in and repairing them, there are no fewer out there.

Yes for this they are making users send their 921's in for repair and will send them the same unit back after the repair is done.

Turn around time is a few days.
E* Blue line problems in 921 and Tech Support

The upper people in engineering know about the blue line problems, and are going to fix the problem. The problem is that the information about the problem has not "filtered" down to the upper level techs at all.

Last week I called the regular tech support #, got a real good person (A second level tech on the first call), who understood I knew what I was talking about, etc. I called back two more times within 3 days with more debugging information which pretty much convinced myself that it was the 921 producing the blue lines.

I got tired of waiting, so I emailed a contact at E* and within 60 minutes was on the phone with another senior person. He said this is a known problem, and then got a call from someone else giving me the info needed to send the unit back for repair. I left happy knowing that I could send the unit back after the Super Bowl to get it repaired.

Next day, I got a call back from another senior tech in VA who did not know that E* had already identified the problem, and has a hardware repair solution. I gave him all the info about the problem, and the people I talked with. He was very friendly and appreciated the information I gave him.

I think that E* very much needs to improve their internal communication since I as a customer knew more about the problems and solutions than their senior techs know.


has anyone told you what the fix is or can you find out? I'm just wondering if its a simple problem like the wrong part was installed(such as a resistor) or is it more serious then that? I still wonder if all 921s suffer from the problem but its just not visable on some TVS
The problem with the 921 is the support for it is scattered all over the world, The majority of the code and hardware was done in England then another large chunk was done in Atlanta, and some more was done in Denver.

It appears that the companies have a communications problem, as dealing with any of the 3 above will give you different answers to the same problems.

Use the email address I posted above if you are having this Blue Lines Problem and Dish WILL take care of you. :)
A great example of why outsourcing is such a bad idea.
Man, the 921 was delayed for 12 months, and HARDWARE PROBLEMS are now showing up???

My faith in Charlie & Co is fading fast :no
Scott or anyone:

Do we know if the currently available stock of 921's has been cleaned up of units with the blue line problem? In other words, when I get my 921 (hopefully soon!), can I be pretty sure I won't have the problem?

I hope to get mine today (JVC version), and looking for blue lines is going to be the first thing I check once the software is updated.
Bradtothebone said:
Scott or anyone:

Do we know if the currently available stock of 921's has been cleaned up of units with the blue line problem? In other words, when I get my 921 (hopefully soon!), can I be pretty sure I won't have the problem?


That's a good question. If they really just discovered the problem a couple of weeks ago, I don't think it's possible for the current units to be fixed.

Seems like that could take weeks (months) - perhaps if it's just a part change, but they probably don't have a system in place for servicing that quantity of units.
No blue streaks here!

Tonight I tested my component outputs on the 921. Looked clean on all channels, 720P channels, 1080i channels and 480i or SD channels. I guess I got lucky! Or, maybe this is only present in certain 921 - Monitor combos. The Dwin TV-3 is streak free.

The real difference was the overall quality of the HD channels. I have been using DVI since I first fired up the 921 and my eyes have gotten used to it. Switching back to Component was a noticeable difference, like switching from Component to Y/C! In large solid color blocks on the screen, I would see a bit of video noise while the DVI looks pristine and clean solid color. On SD channels there was a bit of buzz around graphics. I wanted to be sure it was the Component so I switched to the 6000 and it looked the same. Switched to my DTC-100 using RGB and the image looked slightly improved over component, mostly in the buzz around the graphics but still noise in the solids.
I would highly recommend those using Component HDTV connections consider switching to DVI. There is a significant improvement. I'm thinking I should consider getting a new DVD player now with DVI.
Funny, how easy it is to get used to higher quality and not realize it until you go back to what once was the hi quality of your system. I'm a real DVI believer now.
DVR921: DVI > Dwin TV3monitor All SAT and OTA DTV signals between 115 and 125; OTA channels manually entered. SW64 switch
Placed in service- Jan. 23, 2004
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Just chiming in..I so far have not seen (or at least have not noticed) the blue bars after about 2 days of viewing the 921.
My new unit seems good so far. :)

(Although I have not watched much on it since installing it)

I would guess that the currently shipping units could still have some units with this bug since they were packaged awhile ago.

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