Bought a 4k now what?


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Dec 30, 2007
I just picked up, well ordered a 70" 4k.

I am currently using a old 622vip through component video. I am due for a upgrade and have been thinking about a hopper/hopper or hopper/super Joey.

Anyhow just looking for some advice
Well, Dish offers nothing at the moment in 4K. Supposedly later this year they are supposed to release a 4K Joey, but won't matter much if there is no 4K programming and I have seen nothing as to when that will be. You could go ahead and get a Hopper and Joey, then replace with 4K Joey when worthwhile.
I am really impressed with the upconversion and excited to see how it handles the feed from the Sat box, my main concern is that the hopper will play nice with the new panel.

What is the major difference between a hopper/hopper and hopper/super Joey?

Will Dish allow self installation of the hopper systems?
What is the major difference between a hopper/hopper and hopper/super Joey?
Super Joey - on less tuner, but better integration. A single pool of 5 tuners, which may ultimately be more flexible than two 3 tuner boxes.

Dual Hopper - An extra tuner, but content split between two boxes. Recordings are ultimately accessible from any location, but it requires a few more key presses. Recording conflicts can be pushed to the second Hopper, but Hopper 1 can't really manage Hopper 2's timers. IMO, the biggest advantage is with two Hoppers you have some redundancy. If one Hopper dies you can still watch TV from with the second Hopper until the replacement arrives (but it hasn't happened to me yet).
Ok. I have a wife that dvrs tennis and I dvr Indy car and F1. So each eat up large chunks of time. Not to mention the daily shows, jeopardy, amazing race, myth busters, everything the starts with House wife's of... Lol.

Should setup would you guys recommend?
Would definitely choose the Super Joey. The amazing race and All that can be on PTAT using one tuner for the 4 channels.
Would definitely choose the Super Joey. The amazing race and All that can be on PTAT using one tuner for the 4 channels.

LOL, I would definitely choose two Hoppers. Both of my Hoppers have died, and even though I lost recordings each time at least we never had to go several days without any television.
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I would vote for 2 Hoppers also because it adds a tuner, doubles your hard drive space and only increases your bill by $2.
I would probably agree, but if he only has two TVs, Super Joey is much more convenient to use. Chances are all that extra drive space will largely be wasted, with most everything living on the primary Hopper and only timer conflicts on the second Hopper.
I recently added a 2nd Hopper. Though I do wish there was better integration between the units, I use the 2nd Hopper for recording back-to-back TV shows, such as The Big Bang Theory on TBS. With a single Hopper, this one show would tie up 2 tuners for 4 minutes every half hour (from one minute before the show is supposed to end to 3 minutes after. I know I could set the timer to start and end exactly on the half-hour, but I would also lose part of the show.). Very frustrating to have all our tuners tied up during Prime Time for several minutes each hour. Now I can program the 2nd Hopper to handle these shows.

Also, the first Hopper died shortly after getting the 2nd unit, and it really WAS nice to continue to be able to watch TV for the 3 days it took for the new unit to arrive.
I had a two hopper system, but last year went with hopper and a super joey. I prefer the more seamless integration that this provides, and its slightly cheaper.

Some may prefer the two hopper system for the reasons already stated. For me, those reasons were not big deals.
I just set up a Hopper/Hopper install. It is only $2 more and the extra DVR space will be awesome.

Maybe the integration will get better with updates?
Its possible I suppose. Sure wish they would, but my money is on no until the tuner count makes another industry jump.
I remember when they started HD. I bought a 65" HD TV when they first came out. PBS had a four hour loop of HD that was beautiful. But after you watched it a few times, it got old. Then that fella in Dallas (Mark Cuban)started a HD channel on Dish and it soon got boring also, because there was not just that much video available. So, with 4K, be patient, it will take a while for much programming to become available, if ever. Since it is not mandatory, it may never be mainstream. That is a problem with being on the cutting edge of technology.
I don't think you will be disappointed.

Thanks! .

Especially hooked to my new Sony 4k. I can't wait to see the upconversion.

Can I hook a OTA antenna to the hopper and replace the local stations with the OTA feed? If so will PTAT still work?

My local CBS announced they would do a 4K OTA feed soon.

I don't really watch much tv but I will prob use PTAT just because I can.

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