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Mar 26, 2004
South Florida
Hey guys.. I just popped over from the dish network drv forum.

I basically hate cable :eek: and wanted to change to something better. So l just signed up (wednesday) for Dish Network (my install is this coming wednesday). I currently live in south florida and have a 51" hdtv widescreen. I didnt order the hd box from dish (I got the 522 dvr) as I would rather lease a box then buy one.

Anyway, I saw a commercial for Voom today offering leases instead of purchase... I went to their site, but they dont show a complete listing of channels - which I found very odd. I read they they have like 50 of cables favorite channels (or something like that)... whos favorite... knowing my luck it wouldnt be mine.

So, I wanted to know what channels are actually provided - is there anywhere I can look to find them? I figure if dish stinks I could try voom out.

Any comments or feedback is welcomed :D

Ken F

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Mar 8, 2004
VOOM does have a list of channels on its web site.

See VOOM web site --> Use It -> Channel Lineup
See VOOM web site --> Use It -> Program Guide (lists programming on now)


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Nov 6, 2003
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I hope it's not too late, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK. Since you have a HDTV you will be very unhappy with the PQ on your set, it really sucks. I was a Dish customer since 1997 and all I have with them now is the HD Pack. I love Voom, go for it, plus it's cheaper than Dish.


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Jan 2, 2004
Agree, the 522 is a problematic receiver, plus you will not be feeding you HDTV any HD, that just isn't right. That would be like if you went out and bought a $200,000 sportscar with a top speed of 170MPH, and drove it in a 5MPH school zone for most or all of its life. SD will look terrible on your big screen if it isn't up-converted by an HD receiver.

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