Brett Boone and Al Leiter- In the booth

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John Corn

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Sep 6, 2003
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Booney first- I think he is to camera shy to be in the booth. He seems hesitant to talk at times and has to be prompted by Buck. He has the knowledge, maybe feels uncomfortable due to the fact that his brother is playing. I would imagine it would be hard for him not to root for his bro, it would be for me.....

Leiter has been great. We know where his future is once he retires. I really like the way he demonstrates pitches. He shows exactly how to throw certain pitches and that is great if you happen to be just a casual fan. He also seems more ready to talk and usually has a great point.

Overall, I like the fact that FOX put active players in the booth, its a lot better than the tired McCarver all the time, just maybe should have flipped them, Boone doing the NL series and Leiter doing the AL


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Sep 12, 2003
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Here's hoping my Mets get wise and hire Leiter when he retires. Pitchers normally make pretty good broadcasters (witness Seaver), and Kiner is due to retire pretty soon and follow Bob Murphy to the old broadcaster's home......

Bill D

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Sep 8, 2003
Haven't watched too much NL, but I love the idea of active players in the booth. The few times Boone talks it is very insightful. Unfortuanetly he never talks, seems like he goes innings without talking and when he does he mumbles. I wopuld imagine it is tough trying to find someone willing to do this that is good. But I think Fox is on to a great idea. Players who are still playing can comment better the Steve Lyons or McCarver
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