Bug 522 - record 2 shows at one time


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Dec 14, 2003
I set timers on the 522 to record 2 shows on 2 tuners and neither recorded. When I checked it later that evening, the 522 was acting weird (would not respond to some commands from the remote) and I had to reboot it.

The following week, I changed one of the timers to start a minute earlier than the other (and stop a minute later, just to be safe) and both recorded.

Has anyone else noticed this bug? Happened once, firmware 162.
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I haven't had that exactly, but I have had the 522 schedule 2 recordings on the same tuner at the same time. It doesn't seem to detect the conflict sometimes, and I have to go find the other show manually, delete it, then readd it. After that it puts it on the other tuner. This has only happened since 1.62 where you can program both tuners from one remote.

Other than that though, the stability on 1.62 has been much better for me than the previous version.
I agree that 1.62 is much more stable. I was rebooting once a week with 1.61 and I've only had to reboot 1.62 twice (once a month).

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