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Hey everybody, I'm in Anchorage Alaska and obviously we get a lot of snow in the winter. I'm curious if there are any good products out there to keep snow off of my dish, particularly since it is mounted on the roof and would be hard for me to get up there too often to clean the snow off.


PAm cooking spray works real good. Every October I spray it on all the dishes. We don't have as much snow in MN as you do in AK, but it works here :)
I use a lazer beam to melt the snow on my dish.................I jest of course, the old Pam trick works great but you have to clean it off come spring time as the insects love Pam, another trick is a big black bin bag tied loose round the dish, as it blows in the wind any snow falls off, and being black its the first thing to melt if/when the sun comes out, it will not effect your signal, the last option is a dish heater!
You may seriously consider taking it off the roof. I live in Cola. S.C. and we get snow or freezing rain only about twice a year. All I do is walk out on my second floor balcony and spray warm water on the dish. Another possibility is to check with a local satellite dealer. I have seen heating pads for the reflector on your dish but I would think the amount of frozen precipitation you get it would build up on the lnb support arm and cause problems as well. Good Luck!
Just a thought, if you could keep a water hose from freezing up. Try one of those sprayers with a resevoir on it and fill it with a de-icing solution. I have seen those type sprayers for cleaning second story windows.
You can buy a product called Hot Shot (by perfect 10) that you put on your dish and run a low voltage wire to an electric source and it will melt any snow or ice you get built up on the dish.
The dish is either 24 or 26 inches, I believe. With that I can pick up 119 but not 110. Now to get DirecTV (which I really want for the NFL package) I would need a six foot dish, which, unfortunately, is cost prohibitive, and my girlfriend won't let me have it LOL
You could always get some of that heat tape they sell for plumbing pipes, and run some along the backside of the dish. It would then be a good idea to put some insulation over it, so the heat gets directed to the dish.

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