Bug in 508 guide?


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Sep 8, 2003
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I just got my new 508 from The Dish Store last week and have been very happy with it so far - thanks Scott and Claude!

One thing I have noticed about it though that maybe some of you more experienced users can help me with. When doing a search the search results screen will sometimes show events on channels that I subscribe to with a red box, telling me that they are on a channel I don't subscribe to. Other times it will show the same result twice, once with a red box and once with a blue one. Again other times it will show me the same result twice, both with a blue box. Is this a known problem? It there any way to fix it?
I think you should pull your smart card out and wait about 10 seconds and put it back in and see if that helps. I had a problem like that after a software update and pulling the smart card fixed it. Hope it will work for you and have fun with your new toy.
Gee, Mike, are you a Dish CSR? Sounds like something they would suggest! :D

Seriously though, I think most folks here have been through enough Dish tech support calls to know the first few things to try (smartcard reset, power cord reset, power button reset). At least that can save some time if you have already tried that stuff when you call...
Funny you should mention that. A smart card pull is the very first thing I did when I plugged it in and activated it last Thursday just to be safe! Maybe I should try it again. Gotta love Echostar technology; at least they are consistent.
No. I believe the problem is that you're seeing the "Dish Latino" channels. Many channels are now offered on Dish Latino, like Speed.

If duplicate shows show up and one is red and the other blue. Then one is the Latino one. If you hit info, you'll see what channel number it is.

There really should be an option that only shows channels you sub too, but just ignore the red ones for now I suppose.
I can partially understand the double listings like, for example, programs on KABC showing up twice since I live in the LA DMA and the LA stations are also carried as a distant network package. I can also understand programs showing up twice, once red and once blue, for channels that are duplicated in the AT-160 pack and one of the movie packs that I don't subscribe to. It's dumb and shouldn't be that way but at least I follow the logic as to why it is happening. What really makes me think something is wrong is when a program on a channel that I DO subscribe to appears only one time in the guide and it is in red. If I manually tune to it the channel comes in just fine. If I check an hour forward or an hour back in the search menu it could be in blue. It just seems to be random making me think it is a bug of some kind.
Go to Menu/Locks/Channels. Select the channels you never ever want to see anywhere including search results, guide, browse. Save, then Lock.
you can also change what channels you're flipping through in the guide.

Hit guide once to bring it up, and then hit the button again, it'll show all channels, all subscribed channels, or any fav lists you've created.

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