BUG REPORT: 921 will not lock on most 105 channels


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Oct 4, 2003
Installed a 921 and 2 - 301's with a 105 SuperDish and DP34. The two 301's pick up all of the 105 local channels, and the 921 will find all transponders for all three satellites during the switch test. However; it only shows one channel from the 105 satellite. All other 105 SD channels show the error message "Lost Lock...". Even the 7000 barker channel shows the LL signal.

The signal for 105 ranges from 58-67 depending on the transponder. I will try to re-peak the dish for a better signal to see if it helps.

The cable is a new run of Dual RG6, with high quality Gilbert compression fittings.

Has anyone else had problems picking up the FSS channels?
Yes I can not get 7000 on my 921, it tells me its an "Unknown Satellite" when I try flipping to that channel.

In the check switch it detects 105 fine though.

Even with the new software still alot of bugs that need fixing.
Update: It still would not lock onto 105 today after the software update (145). It would only show one local channel that was on the 105 sat. All other FSS channels showed the lost lock error.

We called an ATR at DISH. After trying several things, I removed both feeds from the 921 and ran a switch test to clear the matrix. It took forever, and Input 1 never started the test. It stayed on 1 of 34. After Tuner 2 finished the test, it showed the matrix to be cleared, but Tuner 1 (even though all of the boxes were blank) still said Reception Verified. I hooked the feeds back up to it and ran another test. As soon as both tuners showed 3 of 3, the screen went blank and then changed to a patern with an X in the middle of the screen. We rebooted the receiver, and never got it to pull the menu up again. It would show the DISH HDTV logo, then go to acquiring data, and then go to a blank screen. Nothing we did would make it go any further. DISH is sending out another receiver. :(
Make sure no one has a radar detector on around the dish. Found out that it will affect the 105 satellite signal. Worked for two days before realizing the problem. As soon as I unplugged the dector the signal locked in.

522-Extra $4.98 fee and telephone???


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