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Dec 12, 2003
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CBS is hyping this show so heavily I am tempted to skip the first week. I just wonder what I will watch between the NCIS episodes.
I'm going to give the show a shot, but I really do not see how the premise is going to play longterm. Seems more like a TV movie or a guest character in a police procedural than a show.

The basic theme of all cop and court dramas is "good guys vs. bad guys" . At the end of the day, "our hero" finds the truth and the bad guys are punished. As I understand this show, Dr. Phil is using psychology to manipulate the court system and trick the jury. Even if they make it very clear that he is always on the "right" side, it seems far less satifing than the ordinary black and white scenarios of the genre.
Watched all of six minutes before turning it off.
I know might not seem like a fair shot but it was exactly like it's name!
No interest here and I was not the only one. :(
7 thumbs down on this one. :blah:blah:blah:blah:blah:blah:blah:blah:blah
Perhaps a bit better than I expected. (didn't expect much) Reminds me that I really really liked "Lie To ME."
CBS gave this show the sweet spot, between two established hit shows. Generally this lasts for a year or two and the show then has to go out and make it on its own. It is hard to fail in such a situation.

But not impossible. This show is just awful. Awful. I would look for a huge ratings drop off next week and for the next month and a big effect on NCIS NO. It will probably get switched to a burn off zone like Fridays after Christmas.

It just is not any good.
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