Heard Weatherly in an interview say he thought at 50 it was time to move on from the probee getting slapped in the back of the head. I agree with that, but sorry to see him take this as it is such a longshot. The first show was so clichéd and not really an original story. I see it as a variation on Perry Mason where you try the innocent while the defense figures out who is actually guilty. I can't see them sustaining this from the jury angle.

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I'm going to give the show a shot, but I really do not see how the premise is going to play longterm. Seems more like a TV movie or a guest character in a police procedural than a show.
That's what concerns me as well. Seems like it will get very old very quick.
I said no to the first episode because they were hyping it too strong, CBS new it was a dog. I found a repeat of Bones I think on our CW channel definitely preferred over "BULL".
Second episode was soooo...soooo STUPID!
I will give it one more week but only because I have the timer available that night.

We were done after the first show which was only on for a short time. After seeing what it was really about there is no interest here in it. I see it being a cancelled casualty this year.
I haven't seen the 2nd episode yet, watched the 1st episode and it was OK.
Friends said the 2nd episode was bad ... so if thats the case, we'll see what episode 3 does and delete if its no better.
Well, the ratings for this show continue to climb as 12.3 million tuned-in to this weeks episode making it, according to CBS, the most successful new show this season. Like it or not, this show is a success and will likely be picked-up for a 2nd season.
Well CBS viewers tend to be much older than the over all population and they seem to like the same old BULL SH*T, thus many reboot shows and various versions of the same shows like NCIS, CSI etc. So yeah , they will probably renew it. I won't be watching and never have. The subject matter is just too boring. Denozo come back to NCIS , because they really need you.
Thing is that on the demo, which is what they care abou,t things were like this:

This is US (NBC) 2.6
Bull (CBS) 1.6

So Bull is way behind This is US, but yep on total viewers, (including the old people MikeD mentions) Bull had 12.2. while This is US had 9.6

In any event and iMO i really don't see CBS coming up with new ideas, but reboots, new franchises (McGyver, new NCIS or CSI spinoffs,etc) so I guess CBS will still call this Bull the No. 1 show, (which actually isn't by far on the demo) and renew it for Bull Season 2.

I haven't even dared to watch a full episode after reading the comments posted above.
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I gave up on it after the 1st episode.
I do not believe the hype of their ratings for the show which IMO I believe are skewed.
I don't know of any friends who say they watch this particular show.
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I believe BULL was renewed before the first episode even aired. Until ABC,NBC or FOX come up with a hit CBS will force what ever they buy down our throats. NBC & FOX we can forget and ABC is DISNEY or SPORTS..
Ratings are decent, and on par with NCIS:NOLA's ratings from last year.

So while many people here may not consider it a "hit", ratings wise it is doing good, and winning it's time slot..
Ratings have fallen to a good but not great 10. Meaning, against VERY weak competition it is losing one of three NCIS viewers. NCIS:LA and NCIS:NO were able to hold most all of the NCIS audience. And NCIS:NO is not doing as well at 10, as viewers are moving away and not coming back.

Renewed for another year, look for next year to be the last in the sweet spot. It will be sent off to find its own level for season 3, or perhaps even halfway through season 2, and will quietly go away. The slot after NCIS is just too valuable to permantly waste on this.
I've never understood why NCIS New Orleans is after BULL. Why not let Bull run after the two NCIS shows are done. I hate BULL and never have watched it since it came out.
I've never understood why NCIS New Orleans is after BULL. Why not let Bull run after the two NCIS shows are done. I hate BULL and never have watched it since it came out.
I always wanted an NCIS Tuesday. NCIS followed by Los Angeles and finally New Orleans. It was placed after NCIS to draw viewers since NCIS is the top rated drama. Very common strategy for networks. Although that didn't help Doubt or Training Day. Doubt was dropped after 2 episodes and replaced with Beyond Borders. Training Day was dropped and moved to die a quiet death on Saturday.


Edit: Oh yeah, Training Day replaced by Amazing Race which has been in the can and could have been aired at the beginning of the season.
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Bull is okay...not great....not bad, and it does well against a weak broadcast lineup. CBS really needs to get rid of NCIS: LA and NCIS: NO (these those are horrible and I imagine how anyone can stomach two hours of this crap each week) and focus their attention on NCIS, which has been kind of sucky and I haven't been watching often. I'm hoping CBS will cancel Bull, LA and NO and have DiNozzo return for Season 16. Also glad to see Beyond Borders cancelled. They should have named it Beyond Torture since it was painful to sit through an entire episode. Cheers.

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