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Jun 9, 2006
I get Comcast ads in the mail 2-3 times a month. I decided to actually read one the other day because I had a little time to kill. :)

They're always advertising their double and triple play bundles. Right now, I can get phone, internet, or cable for $24.99 each for 6 months as long as I sign up for at least two of the three. No contract is required, which is nice. After the 6 months is up, each service goes up by $10-20/month. After 12 months, they go up to whatever the current regular price for that service is 12 months from now.

Now I fully understand the concept of an introductory offer, but I have two issues with this scheme:

1) There's no telling what the current price of any of these services will be 12 months from now when your introductory offer ends. If they increase their prices any time during the next year, you're going to pay that new (higher) price when the offer ends.

2) After the 12 months is up, there doesn't appear to be any discount for bundling. Unless I'm missing something, I will pay the full price for each service, same as if I only subscribe to one service. The way they're constantly yapping about bundling being such a great thing, I expected that bundling two or more services would get you some discount even after the introductory offer ends.

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Nov 17, 2003
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You might want to check it on the comcast site. I just went on there and for my area (Minneapolis) I see the following promos
99.99 for 24 months for all 3 products with a 2 year agreement
99.00 for 12 months for the triple play with no contract

internet and cable
69.99 for 12 months with 2 year agreement
74.99 for 6 months with no agreement

all of these are on the digital starter....if you want Digital preferred it costs more

They might give you a deal on the bundle but yeah you're right....after the bundle promo ends they really charge you like crazy. Also with their promo you get a digital box. Want HD? Thats $10 more. Want a HD DVR? Thats 16.95 more. So for me to have 2 DVR's it would be $33 just in fees

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