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Mar 9, 2004
I have a Panasonic AE900U and have about 262 hours on it give or take a few. A lot of time has been spent watching SD programming on Dish. Not all but majority of it probably. Well I've noticed now it has burn in where the black bars used to be on the side of the picture. It's annoying to me and I'm not so sure I like it now. I thought these wern't supposed to get burn in? I thought that on RPTV's that the burn in was on the screen is this not the case? Anything to do about the burn in here? When I replace the lamp eventually will it fix this or will it still be the same?
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Digital Dude

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Feb 9, 2005
It's an LCD projector so it is able to be burned in. It's a common fallicy that LCD doesn't have burn-in, DLP is the only tech that eliminates burn-in. That said it's possible to reverse much of the effect by running an all white screen for a few hours and see what it looks like afterwards.

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Jul 20, 2005
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I think "image retention" may be a more accurate expression in this case. Yes, it can be addressed by displaying the static from an unused input across the entire screen for a few hours. LCoS is also much less likely to have this sort of problem.
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