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Feb 6, 2004
I have a co-worker that is selling his RCA DRD 440RE Direct tv receiver really cheap. Is it a good receiver and does it have any features?

Sorry to tell you but, that receiver is junk, it came with the Free DirecTV systems for a few years, the co-worker got it for free, so why should you pay for it? it doesn't really do anything besides tuning the DirecTV signal, and it doesn't do that well at all. I have used on a few times at a friends house and have been very dissapointed with it. it really doesn't have any good outputs either, it even lacks an s-video output as far as I can remember, which is really bad. are you a DirecTV subscriber already or are you new to the game? if you new, just go for a new free receiver set-up from any big name electronics store. if it doesn't include an access card it is completly worthless. so either way don't buy it. sorry to crush your deal!
RCA is a matter of opinion. If I had a choice, I'd go with a HUGHES rec first, and RCA second, and the rest I'd SH** on before I used it.

As far as TV's, I'll pass on an RCA every time. Their life expectency is about 5 years, tops.

I have a Hughes Gold and an RCA DRD480RH UHF. No problems, no complaints. Hakuna Matata.
Thanks for the input guys.. I found some info on this receiver and it sounds like it is a decent receiver, good enough for my third room...
I use a Hughes Gaebo directors series on my main widescreen..

Thanks again...


EXCELLENT CONDITION - INCLUDES REMOTE - NO ACCESS CARD - Product Features: • Accelerated 32-Bit Processor • NEW 7-Line Program Guide • Interactive Channel Banner features: – Caller ID Display Capability3 – Guardian™ – AlphaSort™ – Scout™ • One-Button Record • Master Touch® Universal IR Remote4 Picture • Digital-Quality Picture Capability1 Digital compression technology provides sharper, clearer images for a sensational entertainment experience. Sound • Digital Audio Performance Capability1 Allows consumer to enjoy DIRECTV® programming with audio performance comparable to compact disc. Convenience • Accelerated 32-Bit Processor A 32-Bit processor is at the heart of this new system. The accelerated performance allows immediate access to all the new interactive features. • Advanced On-Screen Program Guides –NEW 7-Line Program Guide Search the channel guide while viewing an active channel in the picture window. Provides channel and program title information for seven different channels covering a two-hour time window. Arrows help indicate programs starting before or ending after the current time shown on the grid. –Information Guide Lists five different channels of programming at a glance. Details on the current highlighted program are displayed in a banner at the top of the screen. Program information changes automatically as the consumer navigates through the guide and highlights different programs. • Interactive Channel Banner The translucent, see-through Interactive Channel Banner makes direct access to the key features of the DIRECTV2 System. –Caller ID Display Capability3 Have the capability of displaying and storing Caller ID information provided by your local phone company. With this feature you can identify callers before you answer the phone, view time and date of each incoming call, record up to 10 incoming calls and know who called while you were away. –The Guardian™ With this feature, parents have the ability to lock out specific channels and set rating and spending limits. They will be able to set specific viewing times for both the weekdays and the weekends. –AlphaSort™ The AlphaSort feature allows you to sort the current guide alphabetically, starting with any letter you choose. Go directly to any listed show with the push of one button. –Scout™ The new Scout feature searches the entire program guide to find matches to eight key words or phrases that you enter. Great for keeping track of your favorite movies, sports teams, actors and actresses! • 8-Event Scheduler Allows you the ability to program your receiver to turn on, tune to a specific channel, and turn off at a pre-set time. • One-Button Record Records any program being viewed or highlighted on the main program guides with the touch of one button. The receiver sends infrared commands to the VCR5 to execute the recordings at the proper time. • Software Upgradeable Via Satellite Your digital satellite receiver is able to receive upgrades or modifications to some of its features and functions. Please consult the Upgrade Menu to find a schedule of upgrades or modifications planned by DIRECTV. The upgrade feature is enhanced by RSA™ Secure6. Remote • Master Touch® Universal IR Remote4 Ergonomic design and color-coded buttons provide complete satellite system operation plus primary function control of virtually every brand of remote controllable TV, VCR, and cable box. DIRECTV PLUS™ Receiver7 (DRD440RE) • Dimensions: 121/4" W, 2" H, 101/4" D Connections • RF In/Out Connectors with CH3/4 Switch • Two Sets of Audio/Video Outputs • S-Video Output • Low Speed Data Port • Phone Jack Connector • Satellite In Connector • VCR Control Output 1 Quality of picture and sound are dependent upon the audio system, cables, and/or television used by the consumer. 2 DIRECTV and DIRECTV PLUS are trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc., a unit of Hughes Electronics Corp. and are used with permission. 3 To use this feature, you must have your receiver directly plugged into a telephone outlet (not a wireless phone jack) and you must subscribe to a Caller ID or similar caller identification service. 4 Controls the RCA DIRECTV System plus most brands of remote controllable TVs, VCRs and cable boxes. Feature compatibility varies by brand and model. 5 Controls most brands of VCRs. 6 RSA Secure and the RSA Secure logo are trademarks of RSA Data Security, Inc. 7 With this receiver and the proper satellite dish antenna, you may be able to receive local channels from DIRECTV® in certain areas. Additional equipment may be required in some areas. Check with your retailer or visit for information on availability of local channels from DIRECTV® in your area. 8 Multiswitch labeled as “indoor use only” should only be used indoors. Residents of Alaska: The RCA DIRECTV receiver requires a larger dish antenna (not included) to receive DIRECTV® programming. Signal reliability and performance will be susceptible to degradation especially during adverse weather conditions. Check your local dealer or installer for information on larger antennas which may be compatible with the RCA DIRECTV receiver
does it really have no access card, or is that from an other receiver that was for sale?
If it has no access card then it has no value to you at all. by the way, how much are you paying her for it?
20.00 It does have a card.. I believe it is a P4 card.. All I need to do is call D and have it activated..
Hey Guys.. I just talked to my buddy and he said that he has a Hughes E1 that he would sell me instead of the RCA 440. Come to find out he got these receivers from garage sales..

Is the Hughes E1 a better receiver? Same price 20.00

Thanks for your responses...
aredknight said:
As far as TV's, I'll pass on an RCA every time. Their life expectency is about 5 years, tops.

Maybe, but I know they built at least one good one... We still have our RCA XL-100 (what's a remote control?) It's a 25 inch console TV that still works great, in fact was our primary TV until we got a big screen and home theatre system about 2 years ago. It has one coaxial input for receiving broadcast channels 2-83 and a 4-inch speaker for monaural audio. I think it's somewhere around 20+ years old. :cool: Woo Hoo! :cool:

Oh yeah, when we used that thing, we never noticed any pixelization or compression artifacts problems either. :D
I'd go withthe Hughes E1 (AKA the silver edition). Better receiver, fewer problems. Don't get me wrong, the RCA is a good box too, but the Hughes would be my first choice.
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