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Jun 16, 2010
Nova Scotia
I have installed my GEOSATpro SL1PLL Ku LNB on my motorized 1.2m dish with Titanium C1PLL LNBF and CS1 scalar. This allows me to receive C- and Ku-band satellites on the same dish. Currently, I am receiving on C-band 91W, 97W, 99W, 105W, 107.3W, 113W. On Ku, I am receiving 87W, 89W, 91W, 95W, 97W, 99W, 103W.

Pics below show orientation of the LNB and LNBF. I have a +6-degree offset programmed for each motor position when using the Ku LNB. For example, when I want to watch 87W Ku, then the motor is programmed to point at 93W. After this novelty wears off, I will install a second Ku LNB on the other side of the scalar. I would program the motor with a -6-degree offset for that LNB. Installing the next Ku LNB will minimize the range of travel the motor will have to do to receive Ku from 87W to 123W.

My new Edision OS Mio+ receiver is a wonderful tool. No regrets at all about buying it. It makes all of this activity easier.


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