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Dec 11, 2003
Columbus, Ohio
Ok, I am finally tired of the local cable companies and have decided to switch to satellite service. My only questions is which one. I see that Dish is offering an HD-3 room setup for free (one receiver is the 811). I have begun to do some research on this receiver and it seems as though there are quite a few problems. I understand that it is a new box so there will more than likely be a few bugs to work out. I was thinking about (and almost sold on) D* as a provider but then I found out about the free HD receiver. They also offer locals in my area with the use of a super dish. Since this seems to be mostly a Dishnetwork forum, I would like to know how the service is from Dishnetwork.
You'll love it compared to Cable. The 811 is brand spanking new, so there will be a few releases to shake all of the bugs out. I also really like the Service from Dish. You'll see some horror stories posted here from time to time. But I've always had good support from them.
I've been with Dish for about 4 years now and I've
never had a problem with them.Cyclone is right you
will hear bad thing's here about Dish but not from me.
Also like Cyclone said the 811 is new, but from what I've
read of the problems software fixes should take care of
I have been with Dish Network for at least 4 years and I switch receivers quite often that I buy on Ebay just to play with them and the CSR's that helped me have always done a good job and if there was something they could not handle they would switch me over to advanced tech support. The only reason I would stay away from Dish Network now is if you want more than one DVR because they decided to charge a extra $4.99 DVR fee per month on top of the $4.99 additional receiver fee for each DVR unless you have the AEP pack.
OK. If I decide to go with Dish, would it be best to go with a local company or just call the 800 number and order it that way. Can the local companies get me the same deal that I was told about last night when I called them to check their pricing?
Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
Go with a local dealer, and I agree Dish is great. You'll hear a lot of whining here and it seems to give Dish a bad name, but if you pay attention, it's always the same people whining. The 811 is already a great receiver and has only very minor bugs which will be fixed within a couple weeks. Definitely not a reason to going elsewhere. Dish I think is probably you're better bet for HD and price advantage.
check out this web they ask for your zip code then give you a list of local dealers, one real good reason for using a local dealer right now is time frame, I am a installer myself, and from what I have been told by our dish support team they are already backlogged on superdishes until mid July, at least in the Kansas market.
OK, that site's closest match was Piqua 67 miles away. Can anyone recommend a good installer in the Columbus Ohio area? I did a lookup on smart pages and they are there, but what do I look for in a good installation company. I am new to the satellite game and I want to make sure that I don't get taken to the cleaners.
Thanks in advance.

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