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Sep 7, 2003
Central NJ
I have had the 811 for about a week. There aren't enough HDTV movies to watch at any given time. The 921 will be perfect for this. I have long looked forward to not going to Blockbuster for wide screen DVD movies. It doesn't look like I was missing much by not having the 6000 when I first started with Dish two years ago. There were even less HD stations then.
I've watched a lot of HD movies over the last 3 years on my 6000. Still, having a 921 will make them much easier to see.
Also, west coasters need the 921 much more than east coasters. The HBO and Showtime HD feeds are only available for the Eastern timezone. Watching the Sopranos in HD is great, but it can't be done at 6 pm when the little ones are still awake.

In fact, no one should fill 921 orders from East Coast residents, until all West Coast orders are filled. ;)
There was one showing of the Sopranos at 930 Pacific, which we'd occasionally be able to catch. My two young ones are rarely asleep before 1030 though.

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