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My cables from the satilite to the switch box (SW44) have to go about 100 feet because the south of my house is trees and i have a dish 500 mounted on the side my barn. it looks at 110 and 119 satilite. i have read that an amplifier could help raise signal strength by amplifieing the signal. on the switchbox it has satilite 1a,1b,2a,2b on right and power inventer, output2, output 3 on the right. they go to my 3 recivers. where should i put the amplifier like inbetween what?
What kind of signals are you getting now? A run of a 100 feet usually isn't a problem unless you are using cheap cable.

Amps are not recommended with powered switches but you could use RG-11 cable instead of RG-6 to improve your signal strength.
sorry for the double post.

on 110 dish i get 70s signal strength
on 119 dish i get 90s singal strength

there both locked and green on point dish section
Well, if you look at the cable, it has some writing on it(not very clear to see, as its small); usually the brand model and ratings.

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