Can 811 send a signal to two tv's


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Jan 8, 2004
I searched as best I could for this answer, and hope I am not being redundant in asking it.

With a 811 receiver can I send a HD signal to a HDTV and another signal to a SD tv. Will I be able to watch both at the same time. I am not too concerned about watching different channel at the same time but that would be nice.

If this is not possible with the 811 is it possible with the HD receiver/HDR
the 921?

I only have two sets, one main (soon to be HDTV) and one SD in front of a Stairmaster.

Currently I am one of the last of the C-band folks and will switch in the next month or so. I like to excersize and watch the sd TV while the boss watches the main TV.
Yes you can do that, I am not sure what the technical term is but is something like back feeding or something.

I also don't know if you can do it or if an installer must do it.
Yes, you can watch the same channel on two different tv's at the same time. I have my 811 backfeed to my sons room, with an r/f modulator into coax cable.
Sparkman, where do you get the modulator and how much do they cost?

Simply plug in between the 811 and the TV and run one to the 1st tv and the other to the second tv?

Pretty much a splitter right?
I got mine @ Target $19.95. Radio shack advertised them alot @ xmas for people who got DVD players but had older TV's and no composite inputs. But @ Radio Shack they are $29.95 or so. Use one of the composite video outputs ( red, white, yellow) into the modulator, then use the coax into the other tv. Modulator has a ch 3/4 switch on the back. Chooe your channel and your set.

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