Can a DirectTV Oval Dish work for Dish Network?


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Apr 6, 2004
I have a directv oval ... will it get both 110 and 119 on dish? or will I have to get a dishpro dish? Thanks all!!
If You Have A 18 X 24 Oval Directv Dish Which Mean That 101 And 119 Satellite,i Think You Have To Put The 101 Lnb On The 110 To Get Close From The 119 Lnb If The Dish Is Old Model You Can Get It,but Is A Trhee Lnb New Model 20 X20 Dish Or A 18 X 24 With Integrate Switch On The Lnbs You Can Not Get It. I Have Olmos The Same Question,i Have A 18 X 24 Old Model Directv Dish ,but I Want To Know If I Can Use A Sw64 Switch To Input All The Trhee Lnbs To The Sw64 Switch To Get 101 And 119 From Directv And 110,119 From Dishnetwork.please Let Me Know If Can Help Me.

Thanks: Chepe
I was kind of wondering if an oval DirecTV dish would be sufficient for picking up 121, assuming you used the correct LNB and lived in a high signal area. Aren't the Ku transponders on E*IX supposed to have almost the same power as DBS transponders? Could be a cheap and easy way to get around needing a Superdish. Has anyone tried it?
If you have a built in switch - it will not work. As far as I know, you cannot use DIRECTV switches on a DISH network setup and vice versa. The LNB's are generally inter-changeable, but not the switches.

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