Can a Hopper receiver cause a 5-yr-old plasma screen to lose picture quality?

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  1. 5-yr + LG smart plasma TV lost sharpness and looks like a film covers it after installing a Hopper upgrade. Is that the fate of older plasmas with new equipment in general?
  3. how do other sources look?
  4. After the Hopper was installed, even the Blu-ray picture has the same problem.
  5. 2012 Panasonic GT50 plasma owner here. I upgraded to a Hopper/Sling back in 2013 from a VIP622. The picture is as beautiful today as when I got the unit. I have a calibrated LG OLED replacing that unit. Have you tried a new HDMI cable? Are you running your devices through a AV receiver then to the plasma?
  6. My 11 year old Panasonic Plasma has no issues with my Hopper.
  7. It is actually two LG 60-inch smart TVs, and the Hopper and Joey connect to them directly. Thinking the seals somehow leaked and humidity did them in.
  8. Ha! No. You have a different issue. The Hopper didn't cause that. I currently have 6 plasmas all hooked up to either Hoppers or Joeys. Picture looks fantastic.
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