Can Dish tell me: you got too many deals already!


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Sep 7, 2003
I got both the 6000 and the 811 promotions. If in the future a promotion for the 921 is available, is it possible for dish to say that I took advantage of too many deals already and I can't get this one?

I hope that I can keep on milking them :)
I suppose that is possible, as I had wondered the same thing, but they would have had to kept track all along in order to do so.
I'm sure there is a report that can be running showing the "incentives" that have been paid out to you. If I ran the business, I'd make sure to cap ppl off at perhaps $400 a year or less. No sense in giving away the farm.
Well, I am only guessing, but I think if you get in on a Promo deal that
Dish Network is still making a profit. Agree?

If you jump in on the deal, it's money that they wouldn't have had, right?

If you were told you wouldn't be allowed in on the Promo because you have already "been in" too many special deals, you might not upgrade to the newer model. At least, I would be hesitant to spend 399.00 when I could have bought it for 149.99.

So I think they are hoping to get you involved in the promos whenever they can.

It's money they wouldn't have gotten from you otherwise. And I'm sure there is enough of a markup on these recievers to still make a profit on the promos. ??

Of course, I could just be an idiot and have no idea what I'm talking
about. :D


I'm not going to get into the "they should do xxxx to keep me as a customer" debate, because that's too much like the medieval arguments about how many Angels can dance on the head of a pin. :shock:

But, they defintely DO know what equipment you've had in the past. When I called about the "Dish 6000 remote fiasco" a month or so ago, they recommended that I try the remote for my 4000. I bought it at least six years ago and haven't used it for at least three years, but they knew that I had owned it in the past. It wouldn't take much programming to have some kind of flag that that particular equipment was purchased on a special deal.

I suspect that the 811 special may be a reaction to VOOM. If you look at General Motors website, you'll find discounts on everything except Corvette and Hummer. I suspect that the 921 is the same for E*.

Having said all that, I'd love to get a discount on a 921.
If some of these customers knew that they may not get certain promotions in the future because of the promotions they are getting now then some may choose to wait for one that is needed more in the future.

Dish cannot afford to give a customer promotions like this every year unless they want to make little or nothing. They would have to be getting these receivers manufactured for less than retail in order to keep giving the same customers deals like this. Perhaps the 6000 deal was to clear out inventory.

what OTA HDTV antennas, are people using with their 6000u

811 149$/199$ question

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