Can I get 121 in California?


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Feb 4, 2004
Newbie question : Can I get the 121 signal in california? According to dish, a channel I want on that satellite is not avail in my zip code
It depend on what part of the state you live in. In the past it's been said that Superdish will not work in some parts of Northern, CA. I have never even seen one yet where I live in CA.
105 won't work in some areas (the coasts, MN, ND, part of WI)..not a strong satellite
121 is CONUS

ahanif...I'm assuming you want to get an int'l channel off 121. Dish is only offering SD for int'l in specific areas.
You might want ot build your own :)
Hmmm, so I'm gonna have trouble getting 105 from here in Salem, Oregon then, huh? Has anyone out here tried it? I want some locals from my home area that are on 105.
You would need a pretty big dish (perhaps 3 meters?) but you should get a useable signal. A standard Superdish would most likely not do the job (even if you could get one) so you will have to follow the instructions for putting together your own system. Your existing Dish500 would remain in place, then the larger dish, fitted with a Ku-band LNBF, would be combined with it for reception of the channels on AMC-2 at 105. Do a search and you will find a couple of threads with some good info on putting such a system together. Look for "poor man's superdish".

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