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Nov 17, 2003
I signed less than a month ago for DHP (1x510 + 2x301) with AEP and ask for local channel for Tampa/St. Petersburg FL local channels. At the same time, I signed for A La Carte TV5.
E* had me to pay $49.00 + $100.00 for the second antenna.
After spending few weeks with you guys on this wonderful forum, I realise that the second dish should have been free of charge because of the locals. Do you think I can get a credit, if yes what is the best procedure.
Thank you.
Again great forum.
Welcome to the forums!! :wavey:

You should have gotten the 2nd dish for free (in my mind) because you had int'l programming..The fact that there are locals on the side satellite would solidify the fact you should have gotten it for free.

I personally wouldnt go through Dish CS..They probably will give you the run around. They don't like giving credits.

send a polite e-mail to and explain your situation. They should be able to help you out.

I'd say that you're out of luck. I've had dealings with local DBS retailers in the past and if you don't know the deal then they sure in the hell aren't going to tell you from my experience. I had to be very firm and tell them what it should cost. They tried to take me for all they could get but forums like this one saved me money and hassles in the past. Welcome to the club!
Once you pay out money for something like this its hard to get it back, nearly impossible, unless you get very stern with them or know the right person to contact. If you were supposed to get this dish for free because of some of the locals being on that wing slot then perhaps you need to threaten to turn them in to the SHVA for breaking the law.

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