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Apr 4, 2006

Current DTV system installed with four rooms to a home with in-the-wall wiring.

Wanting to install a Glorystar 4-room system.

Wondering if I can connect both the DTV and Glorystar dishes to a 2x4 multiswitch outdoors, and then use the current four coax cables that are feeding the in-the-wall coax to the four rooms with DTV (can the Glorystar system share the same coax by adding either splitters, or 2x1 switches inside the rooms of the current DTV locations) by connecting the coax coming out of the wall to the single side of the switch, then connecting the separate DTV and Glorystar receivers to the other ports of the switch?

Or is is necessary to run four separate coax cables to the individual rooms and have the Glorystar coax and receivers independent and separate of the DTV coax?

In theory, it seems like it would work, because you can only have one or the other receiver showing a program.

Or would it not work, because if someone in one room wanted to be watching DTV, and someone in a different room wanting to watch Glorystar, would there be a conflict?

Please let me know if my thinking would work, or not. I'm just trying to see if I can use and share the current coax with two different systems, and save running four new lines.

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Sep 11, 2005
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You can not share the DTV cables with Glorystar or any other Free to Air systems. You can share a cable with an Over the Air antenna system using a set of diplexers. The reason is that the OTA uses a different set of frequencies from a satellite system. Satellite systems will use overlapping frequencies - thus won't work together.


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Another partial answer adds to the "NO" is that subscription boxes will not address FTA switching so that is out, AND some updating for the subscription boxes (I was told) require the receiver to always be connected to the receiver. If that last is true -- they could not be used in "on the road" RVs, however, unless you can devise a switching system to co-locate all receivers and then send the outputs to each TV location as needed.... NO!

Even if you could do that, receiver outputs matching TV inputs is getting more difficult.

We live in RVs, and my old TVs are giving out, some new TVs do not have RF (Tuner) inputs and some new satellite receivers do not have RF outputs.

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