Can Sirius internet stream be ripped?

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May 15, 2004
Can the internet Sirius stream be ripped down to mp3 or any format to be played on a comruter? WMAs etc. Will the tags be held (artist and titles)
tfgriff said:
Can the internet Sirius stream be ripped down to mp3 or any format to be played on a comruter? WMAs etc. Will the tags be held (artist and titles)

Sure as far as I know unless it has some kind of built in copy protection and that is highly unlikely. Just run the best signal you have out of your receiver(Dolby or RCA) to the best input (digital or RCA) you have on your computer and use some recording software I would use soundforge if it were me but it would probably be over kill for the average person but I use it to master digital recordings here in my studio in Nashville. There are lots of cheaper stereo recording apps even some for free. Good luck

If I were to do this I would send the signal out of my TOS out Dolby to my TOS in on my sound card and it would make an exact digital copy.

What do you other guys say. That should work even if you have to do it analog it should work fine.
I'm running my Sirius home kit through my computer speakers. You can probably just run a dubbing wire from the home kit input to your microphone port on your sound card and rip away.
You can rip any sound input with WinAmp, or Musicmatch jukebox.

No tag info is transmitted in the music stream itself. You can edit the tag info in Musicmatch though.

Goldwave is another good digital sound editor to clean up intro's and end fades.

All of these programs are free, free trial, or under 50 bux.
So I can just run wiring from my outputs on the reciever to the microphone in, on the computer, to be able to copy off of the music channels? I tried that last year and didn't get anything and I used Musicmatch. I quit downloading songs off of the internet way last year because of the lawsuits and want to burn some newer stuff for work, I work in an operating room and we love to listen to music. With Sirius this would be great for work because of the multiple great channels. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
I'm not sure what happened the last time you tried to do it but everybody in the thread has given you the answer. Just follow these posts and you'll be on your wan. If you do go analog you might have to match the levels but if you have a Dolby Digital out on your receiver and a Dolby Digital in on your computer there is no level adjusting necessary.

I suspect that the last time you tried it you hooked it up to the wrong input on your sound card. even if you do get it hooked up to the right input either line in or Mic in you have to make sure that the levels are set right in the recording sound panel, but other than that you have gotten the best advice you could ever get right here. Good luck and good listening. :D
Thanks, I'll play around with it again. I know it was probably something I didn't do right. I know there should be no way of hooking it up wrong. My sound card has only a "mic in" port, if I am thinking clearly. I am not at home at this time so my memory is a little fuzzy. Thanks again
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