Can someone explain this College Realignment?


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Apr 5, 2008
I have heard all this talk about these college teams moving from conference to conference. I do have a couple of questions. First, how did all of this happen so fast? Everything was fine up to a couple of months ago and now all these teams are going from conference to conference. Also, how does ESPN play in all this? I have heard that ESPN played a major part in this whole realignment but thats all I know. I dont know how they played a major part if at all.
ESPN has commitments with the Big Ten and the SEC, neither had big changes this year, not sure how ESPN is tied into this one.

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Correct me if Im wrong but the Big East contract is up in 2013, right? If thats true, dont be surprised if NBC/Versus makes a play for them.

It all goes back to Texas. UT made a deal with ESPN for this Longhorn Network. The lesser schools in the Big 12 accepted that, having no leverage. At the end of the day, it gives Texas a revenue advantage that no other conference would tolerate. The better schools then left (Nebraska to the Big 10, Colorado to the now Pac 12, and Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC).

Meanwhile, the Big East was dying. Its AQ status in the BcS has always been undeserved, and was becoming undefendable. And in basketball, 18 is simply too many. So Pitt and Syracuse moved up to the ACC.

Utah takes the oportunity to move up to be the 12th member of the now Pac 12, and BYU becomes an independent, similar to its fellow religious school, Notre Dame.

At this point, note the TV implications. The SEC picks up St. Louis, Kansas City, and Texas A&M is followed statewide in Texas, the fastest growing state. Salt Lake City is the fastest growing metro area in the country, and the LDS church is the fastest growing religion in the world.

So WVU is despirate. It is, exempting its 3 easternmost counties which are bedroom communities for DC, filled with people from other places and uninterested in the rest of the state, losing population in every census since 1930. It is willing to accept being unequally yolked with Texas and joins the geographically illoical Big 12.

So the last shoe to drop is the death throws of Big East football. It wants to, again, raid CUSA and try to sell that as major football. Probably won't work.
Correct me if Im wrong but the Big East contract is up in 2013, right? If thats true, dont be surprised if NBC/Versus makes a play for them.

Well why would NBC/Versus want a contract from a failed Conf that is falling apart and is about to lose its AQ spot in the BCS??

Less of course we get a playoff system setup like everyone wants and the sport needs.
You watch LSU-Bama yesterday?

With a playoff, it would have meant NOTHING.
I too have heard the rumors that NBC is interested in the Big East, which doesn't surprise me if NBC is really wanting to build their sports programming up. The Big East is really the only large college conference package that is going to be available anytime soon, unless they want to try and do some tier 3 packages with various universities. I don't think the money will be as big as the Big 12, Pac12, Big 10 and SEC packages, but if they are able to draw Boise and the service academies along with Houston, then it will be significantly larger than what they are getting now and should bring in decent ratings for NBCsports.
You watch LSU-Bama yesterday?

With a playoff, it would have meant NOTHING.

Of course I did...but a playoff would mean EVERYTHING after watching that obviously gives the top 10 teams in the BCS after tonight's polls come out the perfect chance to run the table in a playoff and end up at the NC game.
Well, it's all about Money and Greed. It doesn't make any sense for the game nor the student athletes. The conference reallignments are just the means and methods for a "money grab" as the haves attempt to become have mores, the have nots attempt to become haves, and everyone tries to avoid being associated with the Big Least (i.e., a conference with no significant broadcast contracts, little prestige, and no money). That's my take on the matter.
I agree about the greed. I had not been to a college game for over 20 years, but I recently attended the MU, Okla State, game a couple of week ago. It was televised, and seemed to be one long commercial with a little football thrown as an after thought. It is worse in person, at least by recording you can skip some of the constant barrage of trash. ron

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