Is it time to stop supporting college sports?

Why is college tuition so darn expensive? With the move to books online, heck even class online and professors pay hasn't risen as much as tuition in the past decade. I ask why is it so expensive? Could it be because colleges pay coaches millions of dollars? Wouldn't it be in the best interest of our country to have the NFL and NBA create a minor league system like the NHL and MLB have? This way any of the true to be pro athletes can go that route and then you can leave collegian athletics to the true student athlete? What is more important at the end of the day? Irrational bragging rights and a shiny trophy that will just end up collecting dust or reasonably price tuition so the majority of kids in our country can get an education. I say, let's make colleges open the books and let's see where all of this money is going. Stop paying coaches millions and millions of dollars and let the student athlete be just that, a student athlete. Also, one of the reasons is that students are often taught useless stuff. For example, my friend had to write an essay about civil rights recently.. he hates everything related to law and just bought that essay from and thats it. He would not spend that money if the educational system was better.

I think the high end programs raise tuition because if it. They consider it a prestige university to have championship sports.
Well, I admit that there is some truth in your words. It actually makes sense

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