Can someone recommend a Satellite Meter capable of working w/ multi lnb dishes particularly Dish 100


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May 21, 2012
Hi guys. I'm looking to buy a Satellite meter in the range of $100 or less if possible. The meter must be able to help me QUICKLY point a multi LNB Dish such as the dish 1000.2

There are a couple interesting ones on eBay but I could use a recommendation.

Thanks in advance
Good luck. 1000.2 dish pro plus will be hard to aim with any meter in that price range. At least to aim "quickly".

You may find an older bird dog, but that's a stretch. If you did you'd want to be sure it was updated or that you had the cable to update it yourself.

Super buddy is the way to go, but even used it's way outta that price range
an installer came and had it pointed in less than 5 minutes.. wish I noticed what meter he was using..
I've been looking at the acutrac 2 and 3 models... The 3 sais it can read signals from all 3 lnb's of the 1000.2 simultaneously. However the 3 costs around $200 used. The acutrac 2 model claims I can get a signal from 2 lnbs simultaneously. I'm not sure I can make that work w/ the 1000.2. That's a shame because I could buy one of those for $70. That's the big thing really. A meter that will give me a simultaneous reading of all three lnb's
Look for a used Birdog on eBay, that would be my guess. I'd love it if there were a good meter in that price range for a multiLNB dish but I don't think there is.
I've never used a bird dog before.. will it tell me the current reading of all 3 lnb's at the same time on the 1000.2?
the acutrac2 works good but it wont id the satellite, thats what i started with you may have to fine tune by point dish tab in the receavers minue, but it will get ya close enough ya can fine tune from there, i could align a 100.2 in 10 mins with it.