Can you access external drive from Dishanywhere?


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Mar 21, 2006
Can you access external drive from Dish any where? Daughter is in college. She asked I have never tried it. I don't see that option. Thanks.
Only on some of the older receivers. You can’t do it on Hoppers. If your daughter wants to look at programming that is on the EHD, you’ll have to move it back to the Hopper.
Yup. Hopper is a step backwards from our 722 receivers IMHO. :D I have access to my EHD from DishAnywhere, but Hopper lovers don't. IIRC, it even alphabetizes the content so that I can easily see my dupes. I can't stand that CGA graphics quality Hopper GUI either. Yuck. :p
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that's why I that's why I sometimes access the hopper using my slingbox. I also get the PIP features and all other features that aren't available to DA.

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