Can you mount Starchoice HD dish on DirecTV mount?


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May 10, 2006
I have had it with DirecTV and Dish network and am ready to switch to Starchoice. The problem is I have 3 Dish/DirecTV mounts on my roof already and would really like to not put up any more. So my question is could I just take off a DirecTV dish and put a Starchoice dish on top of the mount and be OK? I want whatever dish Starchoice uses for HD. Thanks for any advice.


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Sep 11, 2003
Ontario, Canada

Yes all of the J-mounts are identical for the exception of the larger Superdishes and perhaps the new Directv oval dish other than those you are set to go.



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Oct 14, 2004
*C uses a 2" mast, at least on their 75E; the 75E dish will not work on a DTV mast. I'm not sure about the smaller antenna.
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May 23, 2005
miguelaqui said:
*C uses a 2" mast, at lease on their 75E; the 75E dish will not work on a DTV mast. I'm not sure about the smaller antenna.

Agreed - thats a no go. The 2" is the same size at the Directv AT9 mount, but as can seen from the many posts about AT9 mounting, you cannot put an AT9 on an older 1.6" J Mount.

I've been dealing with this issue for last 48 hours first hand - have all parts on the floor here and very sure of it.


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May 23, 2005

I have figured out a way to accomplish this with the 2 mounts and the 8" adapter, but have no idea how it will work long term.

Once you put the 8" adapter in, you have the smaller mounting pole size.

However, for lack of the proper terminology, it is a male and so is the J adapter of the mast. All the dishes have a "female" with bolts to tighten down - so I have no idea how one would use the 8" adapter with 2 males as it is sold.

Anyway, you mount the smaller 8" adapter to the SC .75m so you have the smaller male on the bottom side.

After spending the day running around to Home Depot, machine shops, electrical supply places and plumbers, I finally found that you can use a plumbing dresser compression fitting. Home Depot/Lowes does not have one in the size needed, fwiw. You need to find a real plumber or plumbing supply.

The inside of the compression fitting appears to be 1.75 inches, though i would take the 8" piece in with you to test it as some brands were tighter than others.

By using the dresser on the J of the mast and the 8" adapter attached to the SC Dish, it works.

God knows what will happen in heavy wind, but we will find out.

FWIW, its like this - though I am not saying this one is the right one for ordering over the net:

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Nov 17, 2003
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The 60e will fit on a standard mast. I just installed one for somebody and the bracket on the back is like a Dish500 bracket

The 75e needs a 2 inch mount

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