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Sep 7, 2003
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I got this in my inbox and it looked quite interesting, I know I would have loved one of these last week when I had to move all my dishes. :)

Lacuna / SatHawk 3000 / Channel Master 1009 / Pico Sat/ Signaloc Satellite Meter Upgrade Offer!

Do you already own the first satellite meter to work with the Dish Network DishPro Plus, Dish1000 and the DirecTV AT9 / five LNBF systems? Lacuna Systems and partner Satellite AV, LLC , have announced that Lacuna branded and OEM meters such as the SatHawk 3000, Channel Master 1009, Pico Sat or Signaloc are now capable of operating Dish Network DishPro Plus LNBFs and switches! All meters installed with version 5.16 or newer already have this feature enabled. ALL previous versions will be a provided quick and inexpensive upgrade solution!

Horizon BirDog, Digisat, Acutrac, Bestway, and other popular digital satellite meters CANNOT be used with the DishPro Plus LNBFs! Most meters shutdown or lock-up if connected to the DishPro Plus or DirecTV AT9 LNBFs and often cannot control the internal switches in standard band stacking LNBFs.

Upgrade any Lacuna or OEM unit to work with DishPro Plus and other band stacking LNBF arrays and switches for only $50 plus shipping! Lacuna branded meters within the one year factory warranty will have the upgrade fee waived! FAST upgrade service within two business days will insure that installers will have their meter returned quickly and performing even better than new! Schedule an upgrade for your meter at

Lacuna and the OEM satellite meters use Unique Satellite Information Data (USID) to locate positively identify and check quality readings (BER) of satellite signals from C, Ku and Ka LNBs. When a satellite is located, the meter emits an audible tone and displays the signal strength and the quality of the transponder signal. The technician then adjusts the dish and LNBF to peak the quality to ensure reliable reception.

Why guess what satellite that you are aimed at? Lacuna satellite meters are a must for the installation of linear LNBFs used for services including Globecast, DirectWay, Wild Blue and linear satellites used by Dish Network and DirecTV. Meters that are only capable of displaying signal strength are not adequate for these types of installations. FSS satellites transmit a lower power signal and can be more difficult to locate than the DBS high power satellites. The positive satellite identification feature guaranties that the dish is quickly aimed at the correct satellite and optimized for peak performance within minutes! Unlike the circular LNBFs used for Dish Network, Bell ExpressView and DirecTV, FSS LNBFs must be set to match the polarity angle of the satellite. The Quality (BER) display verifies that the correct LNBF rotation is set and the dish installation is precisely tuned.

Recently released Lacuna meter SatPicker software allows installers to build custom data sets for their meters by selecting any available satellite and transponder settings. Download this custom application at

Satellite AV, LLC is the Authorized Master Distributor and Repair / Upgrade Center for Lacuna Systems in the US and Mexico. Satellite AV stocks all OEM replacement parts and provides rapid repairs for all Lacuna and OEM partner meters.


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Nov 5, 2003
Good to know I use a Lacuna positive ID. satellite meter. Made in the UK, like me :)


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May 2, 2006
My little $120 Accutrac Pro I got from Sadoun says it will control a DPP ;)
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