Canceling Dish Network


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Oct 10, 2017
I need to cancel my Dish Network subscription. I am registered in the USA but currently am currrently living n the Caribbean. I have had an account with them for about 3 years.
Will they ask me to send my receiver back?
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If they send you a box, it'll be to your "U.S." address. Not sure how they would react to, or if they would even notice, an OUTUS address it was shipped back from.
I bought it. would I have to ship it back? it would be very hard to do so from the Caribbean.
it is a VIP222K HD duo. It was activated in 2014
And there's even better news: There is some demand for that particular receiver. You can sell it. If you're a Pub member, you can place a classified ad here. You won't find a more targeted audience.

But do it soon. At some point, my guess in a few months, maybe a year, Dish will stop activating ViP receivers.

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