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Oct 10, 2003
Metro Denver
I use Auto Pay for my DISH bill. I noticed yesterday that the amount charged to my credit card was approximatley $17 higher than previous bills, so I went to the DISH site to check out the bill online. Only I could not access the actual bill. I got onto my account page okay, but when I clicked the link for "View Bill," I got a download that would not open properly, gave me a bunch of programming gibberish.

I e-mailed DISH and got a reply that they were upgrading the system, try later. I find it curious that only the actual billing information is unaccessible.

Anyone else have this problem?:confused:
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Oct 23, 2008
Isnt that annoying ,basically whenever something is screwed up at Dishnetwork,their explanation is "are systems are being upgraded or are down at this time,try back later.I have been trying to add programminig online but run into same problems you do,and ask them same thing why cant I get your system to work ,same cookie cutter answer.I have been trying for months to add on a premium without having to talk with CSRs(I know I could call and do this ,but right now I am trying to see if they have made an attempt to fix online issues.)I would be very mad if I couldnt access bill either.I too am on auto pay and my Bill doesnt seem right most of the time.I purchased a pay per view movies 3 months ago and they still havent taken out the 5.99,only the regular charge goes thru and I am left with a balance of 5.99 to carry over to next month.Needless to say,Dishnetwork is totally messed up and if things dont get fixed I wont be remaining a Customer after contract is up..
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Sep 23, 2007
My online billing was screwed up for 8 months.I could not get anyone at dish to help.I finally talked to a tech and he tried to get into my account,no luck. After about an hour on the phone he reset my password,and I was in. Trouble was they had been billing me for the insurance for the last 8 months.It was supposed to be free.They finally got that straight,but they double billed my dvr fees. I have never seen such a fouled up company!
All this and still only 1 local in HD. I gave them until the 1st of the year to provide the others ,or I'm gone! I am very tempted to go now,but I stick to my word.Not like DISH!
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