Can't connect my HR24-100 to the Internet (1 Viewer)

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Nov 3, 2010
Getting a code 13...can't connect to internet. I have an ethernet cable going from my router to my HR24 and it's unable to connect.

I do have Whole-Home DVR, which works without the Ethernet.

I've read that if I have WHDVR, I need to get a "Cinema Connection Kit". Is this true? If so, is it free?

I heard that the HR24 has DECA built in, so I'm not sure why I would need that....

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Jun 8, 2009
If you have multiple receivers on a WHDVR setup, the ETHERNET connection would disable the internal DECA, removing the HR24 from the coax network and would not allow the other receivers to share its playlist.

You do need the Cinema Connection Kit to properly bridge the INTERNET. The Braod Band DECA in the kit will also bridge the INTERNET to any compatible HD receiver or HD-DVR in your WHDVR.

It's not free but if you're a new customer or recent upgrade, call and ask. IDK recent price but it was $25 plus $49 install.

If inclined to DIY, check ebay. The kit does not include RG6 coax or splitter (if needed, go with the Directv green-labeled splitter only). You can order specific prepped lengths of RG6 from


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Dec 30, 2010
In your head
Internet connections are free at time of install.
However, if it was not installed properly, you may be able to still get it done for free.

If not, the install of it is simple.
If you decide to do it yourself, let me know and I will walk you through it.
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