Can't get 21.1 ir/UHF remote to work on hopper



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Nov 18, 2003
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I thought that at some point, the tab was functional and moved a tab of a switch below it to change an internal bit of the remote code.
There is a sequence to have the Sat button flash its code 1 to 10 with the 0 being a short pulse. Maybe even to 20 for the extended set.
With low Dish price (<$20?) on the remote why are we discussing jerry-rigging old remotes? They do not have the color buttons, etc.

(Confirmed Hopper user so no need to mess with VIP and earlier settings.)

Back to my 3 transfer streams in the big reorganization. Keeps me busy--hope it is not just busy work.
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Aug 3, 2006
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When it first was discovered it was remote address1 but sense all the updates I think it has been expanded to 1-10.Hold Sat until the buttons at the top light up, press 2 then #, the sat button should blink three times then try the remote. If it does not work try the same process but with 3 on the number pad and just keep going you should find a remote address one through ten that works.

Awesome, this worked! That's again everybody for your input. Couldn't have done it w/o the help of satellite guys!

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