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Feb 1, 2010
Hi, new to this site and so far it has been very helpful.

I have a HD 211 receiver with a Dish 1000. I have been successful locking 119 and 129 but not 110. I did a check switch and after the test finished it prompted the message: waring 836 - the check switch test has found you have fewer satellites than previously detected - cancel or save... i opted to save the results...and that removed the 110 channels. Will I be able to get them back and how?

When trying to point the dish, I can only get a max of 70 signal quality on 119 and about 50 on 129. When I select 110, it shows a signal strenth in the 60's but it says Wrong Satellite 119.

I'm at a loss. I hope someone can shed some light on my dilemma.

The settings for my area are Azimuth:213, Elevation:47, and Skew:121

Thanks for your help!!

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Sep 10, 2009
sounds like you are getting 119 and 129 on the wrong lnb's . you can cover the 129 lnb with tin foil (the one on the left from behind the dish) and if you don't loose 129 you know for sure you are hitting the wrong lnb.

if this is indeed the case your dish is off 10 degrees and needs to be turned to the left (I think) and elevation up a click or two.

also those signal strengths are pretty good with the new signal meter used on dish ird's.


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Feb 1, 2010
I covered each lnb and 119 is picking up 119, 129 is picking up 129, but 110 is still picking up 119.

What should I do, because my signal strength for 119 and 129 are in the 70's?


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Jan 4, 2007
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Bizarre. If you can get to your LNB assembly and it's a 1000.2, try a different output port.


Jul 31, 2007
Are you using a dish pro plus LNB. it still soumds like you are not on track. align your 119, you may need to cover 110, and 129 to block their signal when peaking 119 to the highest reading, then 110 and 119 and 129 should be there.

I have seen installers leave the twin off and use the single lnbf in the center hole on the yoke to correctly set 119. Remove single lnb hook up twin, and 129 back in place.

Have you checked the skew setting from your receiver using zipcode. You may want to do this first and be sure it is correct.

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