Can't Seem to Get 110 & 119. Is my LNB Bad?

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Sep 12, 2003
I'm trying to get a friends dish setup and it seems like we can get
the 110 or the 119 in but not both together. We checked the switches
and we get an X in both columns and it sometimes shows 110 or 119 as
connected but when we go to the Dish 500 setup one sat fades before we
get the other in. We have checked the skew and keep changing the
elevation up as far as 6 degrees and down 6 too and no luck. The dish
and LNB are suppose to be new and the reciever works fine in my house.
Any ideas?
I'm using a PVR 501 and a dishpro LNB.
Check the coax to see if there is a splitter in the line. This would cause the problem that you describe.
Check to make sure that the dish mount is plumb. It is very hard to align for both 110 and 119 at the same if it isn't.
THe above is great advice. In addition, make sure your dish skew and elevation are adjusted to what it says on the zipcode lookup. Sweep the dish very slowly and you should get something, unless your signal is being blocked by something.
Hey Guys, I went to a local sat dealer and he said to run coax from both sides of the lnb into a signal combiner then run it into the receiver. That worked even though you should only need one on a Dishpro LNB. This guy bought this LNB on Ebay and it said it was "previously installed". If this setup works shouldn't taht mean the LNB is bad?
Could be the internal switch.... the skew... or the cable. I'm a fulltime RVer and found that over the course of several months I had problems zeroing in on both 110/119 at the same time. Tried various things... the final solution was replacing the coax. Up-graded to a double shielded 6. Was told that the constant flexing of my original cable caused shield to break in various places.... greater loss and even affected the switch voltage.
I have a customer complained can't get signal from 119, he has twin but only one receiver, the LNBs should auto switch, but switch check only got 110 and non on 119, I will going to replace the whole cable and see what happen.
I'm having some artifacts and intermittent picture freezing problems. I checked the signal strength on 110 and 119 and the signal is > 99 in all cases except on transponders 5 and 7 on 119. Any reason why only 2 transponders would register around 55 and the rest of the transponders are above 99? Switch tests look okay. The screen shows that transponders 5 and 7 are spot beams...Any ideas? TIA.
thanks boba. There's been alot of high winds lately and I suspect the dish antenna may need some adjustment.
Also, make sure that your switch matrix comes up like this:


If it looks like: Example 1


Example 2

You have the dish pointing too far West or too far East. In Example 1, you would need to move the dish back to the east about 9 degrees (and up or down, based on your location in the US - from here it is up a couple degrees). In Example 2, you would need to move the dish to the West and up or down as in Example 1.

This is one of the biggest issues with my RV customers. I usually have to explain this at least once at some point to every RV customer I have. 119 should ALWAYS be showing up under port one, and 110 - port 2.

This may not be the issue you are having, but it may help someone else.
Also - make sure the part number is NOT CCS9601. Every LNB from that lot is defective. They also lose signal intermittenly from one satellite or the other - especially in extremely hot, or extremely cold weather. You can find the part/lot no. on the label above the ports on the LNB directly under the DishPro label.
Also if the receiver had a legacy lnbf previously connected to it and a Dishpro lnbf just got connected or vice versa then you could do a check switch to clear the matrix then connect the wire up to the 119 side and look for the signal then after the signal comes in do another check switch test to see if 110 comes in as well. If you do not have a DishPro receiver then the DishPro lnbf will not work with a legacy receiver without a DishPro adapter.
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