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Sep 6, 2003
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By Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich, here is the link I found it at but I'm sure theres others:

The man has spent about $180 US on buying players in for Chelsea (English Premier league Soccer team) and now they are top of the league and could well win it, dunno if it would work the same in hockey as its all about trading though im sure alot of GM's could be talked into the trade if he offers some big time money as part of the deals.

I guess if a salary cap is introduced it could stop this!!

The frustrating thing about what hes done with Chelsea is that hes just trying to buy the championship! I like to see a team win through hard work and building up a squad etc but if Chelsea are to win it would be a farce and certainly not hard work.

There is many positives from this guy buying over a team but in general I dont wanna see hockey go the road of soccer in England where by only 3-4 teams will only ever win the league in the next 15-20 years all because of money!


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Sep 8, 2003
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There will be no hockey next year, or maybe the year after.

The lockout will be long, but if it gets a hard salary cap put in I'm all for it. A cap around $35-$40 million is what the NHL needs for each team.


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Sep 7, 2003

Canuck officials deny talking to Russian billionaire about buying team

Canadian Press

Thursday, September 25, 2003

VANCOUVER (CP) - Vancouver Canucks players have no reason to be worried the killer whale on the front of their uniforms will be changed into a bear after team officials denied reports that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is negotiating to buy the NHL club.

Stories the stubble-faced Abramovich was interested in purchasing the Canucks appeared in newspapers in Vancouver, Toronto, London and Russia. Even a BBC online story mentioned that the Russian tycoon "is believed to be circling the Vancouver Canucks, a Canadian ice hockey team."

A Canuck official, who didn't wish to be quoted on Thursday, said owner John McCaw has never spoken with Abramovich about buying the club. He said while McCaw would like local investors to purchase a share of the team, no deal is in the works.

In the dressing room, players were more focused on the upcoming season than speculating on whether the next owner could be a Russian with lots of rubbles.
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