CBS/Entercom divests 16 stations

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  3. I guess not much. I'll add mine. In Boston, amongst the radio nerds on the boards of Radioinsight and Radiodiscussions, the big question is what will happen with the spun off stations. This always leads to a few people beginning to say that one station should be moved to another's frequency, such as they should move the sports talk station over to the Rap station's frequency, because I like sports talk, and don't want them to sell the station.

    At least here, people speak logically and then state that they have their wish lists, referring to tv. The radio people on those boards speak as if anyone who hasn't been a member for a long time doesn't understand radio like they do, and then go on these tangents about what they want to see, because it's what they like. No insight into the statement, just "I hate that kind of music, so it should go". Makes them look bad, at least to me.
  4. I work part time for ENTERCOM, and we get updates on what is going on with the Merger, I'm out here in the Western Ma market so nothing going on with us. I was suprised to see what stations are being divested in the Boston Market . I'll have to check out the radioinsight and see what they are saying. (just for fun)
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  5. Boston was the big market for getting the deal done. I'm actually shocked that they agreed to keep WAAF and divest WZLX. It was smart for them to get WMJX and cash for WBZ-FM.
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  6. This is a turn of events as the article says. WEEI had acknowledged many months ago there was going to be a merger where the big sport stations the HUB and WEEI would be under the same roof. Not going to happen apparently. What's interesting is the HUB when it came to the market was beating WEEI for sometime. But WEEI got rid of some of the upper management and made a turnaround. Not sure about the drive time but Morning is the #1 sports program now and mid afternoon wins it's time period for sports in Boston. In fact the last couple of months or so I think WEEI is the #2 station in the market not just sports.

    FYI I do post @ radio discussions in the Tampa market and I may have in the Hartford.... Radio is #1 for me even though judging from my posts here TV would seem to be which is more interest in satellite communications. Most weekdays I listen to talk radio from waking up to about 4 or 5PM starting with WEEI and I often go to bed with it on.
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  7. From what I've read on the radio boards, the DOJ wasn't going to allow the merger of WEEI and WBZ-FM, as it would have been a monopoly. I disagree with that thought process, but that's what happened. I only lurk on the radio boards, but I'm with you. I'm more into radio than TV. I have thought of registering, but haven't done so yet. If I did, it would be a second alter-ego. I would want to keep my posting separate between here and there. Also, on Radio Insight, before it was redesigned, I saw someone else posting under "The Fat Man" and they were having battles with Lance and Racoonradio, and the rest. I don't want to be mixed in with that.

    Ironically, they were posting about Boston Radio. I think it was about WBCN. I know that The Fat Man isn't that original of a name. We all used to sing "Fat Man" to the Adam West Batman show theme.
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