FCC allowing AM stations to go full digital


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Oct 13, 2007
West Central Michigan
The "Average listener" is who you make it, my friend! Market TO them, instead of abandoning them, and they'll stay! I'm glad your plan worked for you, NGeorge, but to me, it all boils down to marketing what you HAVE. With us, AM is an asset, something people treasure, enjoy, tune-into and even compliment on the web since it's source is AM. Many people stop me in a bar, restaurant or on the street proud of how "far" they can enjoy our AM when they travel. A simple 5kw signal. If one HAS an AM, why not make it the BEST it can be, tell people you have, it, advertise it, and watch them appreciate both YOU and the product you so lovingly maintain and take pride-in? NO blanket statement about AM is true, NONE. (Things like, "AM is Dead" or, "AM isn't even noticed anymore"...) and we have proven for 16 years that AM can be viable, enjoyed, and even something the LISTENERS are prideful-in because it's in their town. It's all about the CARE, FEEDING, and MARKETING of the product, not the kind of medium on which the product is carried. That is, If an operator takes CARE of that medium's physical plant from mic to towers and takes pride.) I will claim to be expert in this, my station was dead and gone when I bought it. We brought AM back to the local community, worked hard, and without an FM for over 5 years, were successful on a horribly directional signal before we invested in our AM and went non-directional. It cost money for engineers, FCC, and materials, but we did it. To go from graveyard to well-known and not just locally is certainly a testament to the fact AM can, indeed still make it if owners have passion for it, and PROGRAM it for the listeners, not just "fill the air' with "something." There's enough of that crap out there on the large corporate stations. Our AM call letters come first before mentioning the two FM translators, and they always will. We're proud of the parent product that spun-off two tiny signals on FM. I can see you're proud of your decisions and progress as well you should-be. Any independent operator today has to have passion and direction. Thanks for contributing to the thread!

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