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Apr 4, 2007
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For you DIY Guyz, I want to share an idea that I had a few years ago when I was making homemade wifi antenna's. This one is used to grab the signal from the far end of our house where the DSL modem is to feed my project room PC, I now have 'Excellent' reception signal.

I wanted a way to enclose and protect the element so I came up with this unique project of placing a BiQuad element inside of a CD storage case. I chose this (#25 disc) Maxell case because of it's smooth exterior and sleak look. The reflector plate is an actual CD or DVD disc which works very well. I placed black electrical tape around the outer seam to secure and seal the cover. I don't have photos of the complete project but it's really simple and I'm sure this idea will spark some minds.

Be Creative like McGuyver and Enjoy!


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