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Mar 3, 2005
I have tried to record two games on the NHL Center Ice Package and both times I have had problems. The first time I tried to play it my receiver would lock up and reboot everytime I use the skip button. after playing aroung with it I noticed it didnt really record even though it said it did. The second recording two days later it locks up on the skip button. But if I use the fast forward button it will work. But I cannot skip back or forward with out it freezing. This time when it freezes instead of rebooting it goes back to the begining of the recording. This is only happening with Center Ice not any of my other programing. Anyone else have this problem???????
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SatelliteGuys Master
I had this problem several months ago on my 921. Only thing I could do was unplug it, then play it from beginning and had to watch commercials as if no dvr. Haven't seen this problem since. Had it on HD-Net recording. Don't know what else to tell you
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Nov 18, 2003
Los Alamos, NM
Sounds related to a 921 problem of many months ago where an hour show (Stargate) would jump to 1550 (or was it -1500) or so minutes remaining. If you did anything it jumped back to the beginning. The only way through was to watch it all until finally the time left jumped back to normal. Thought I was in a time loop but that was a different episode.
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